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New Wurksers

New Wurksers

Caleb Churchill

My work seeks to expand the way we see the world around us. Whether this is taking notice of subtle moments of beauty and humor in the seemingly mundane or questioning ideas we have taken for granted as fact. A background in photography has informed my way of looking at the world and of how we view art, both images and objects. In expanding my practice beyond just photography and into one that is multidisciplinary, I am able to explore, play with and manipulate my concepts and the overall experience of the work.

Overarching concept and medium, is a sense of both humor and earnest curiosity.  I draw upon my interests in science, conspiracy, literature and art history to act as starting points for bodies of work to evolve. The works, both photographic and otherwise, take inspiration from poetry, always conscious of a sense of rhythm and over all cohesive fluidity. I ask that we step back at ask ourselves exactly how and why we see, both art and the everyday, and the rules that we have set up to do so.

Photographs from Caleb's series Era of Hopeful Monsters

Jenny Torino

Jenny Torino is a part of Torino:Margolis a performance art team that smashes through physical and psychological barriers separating one body from another using invasive electronics and biomedical tools. They explore the idea that the self is transient, elusive and modular by playing with the notion of control and free will. Their extraction of physiological processes concretizes these concepts and presents them as questions to the viewer -- not to illustrate the mechanism, but to explore the experience.

March Wurksers at The Wurks

March Wurksers at The Wurks

Colin Bliss

Became a Notary Public
Friday, March 18th - May 13th. A Call to Place: The first five years of the Frontier Fellowship. Opening held on March 18th from 6-9 p.m. at The Rio Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT. 

Lucia Carroll

Friday, March 18th - May 13th. A Call to Place: The first five years of the Frontier Fellowship. Opening held on March 18th from 6-9 p.m. at The Rio Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT. 

Kelly Knapp

Friday, March 4, 2016 from 5-9 p.m. Opening of Dualisms at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery. Exhibition on view till March 27th.

Katryn McIntosh

Worked with two graduate students from RISD's Graphic Design program to build a "catalog" site for RISDs Digital Media department. It showcases the work of all past students and is meant to clarify the scope of the department. The two Graphic Design students provided the design and Katryn was the developer on the project.

Peter Snyder

Peter has spent the cool winter months collaborating with a local artist, China Blue, to both learn the very basics of 3D printing and to create an installation piece based on electron micrographs of beta-amyloid protein (which is highly related to the development of Alzheimer’s disease) invading the walls of capillaries. These are to be used for both teaching purposes, patient education and as an artistic vision of protein structure causing damage to very tiny blood vessels.  

Meredith Younger

re:  A Sponge & A Sigh

re: A Sponge & A Sigh

The Wurks is currently hosting the RISD/UT Austin MFA Exchange Show entitled A Sponge & A Sigh.  The show is an exhibition of work by UT Austin M.F.A. candidates in Studio Art and and M.F.A. candidates in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The work will be up at the Wurks Gallery from March 18 – April 10.  The gallery is located at 45 Acorn Street, Providence, RI.


Opening March 18th from 7-10pm

MFA candidates in Studio Art at UT Austin and MFA candidates in Sculpture at RISD are thrilled to announce A Sponge & A Sigh, a two-part exhibition between Austin, TX and Providence, RI. This marks the second year of an annual exchange between both graduate programs. 

You can read more about the show on Our RISD & on the UT Texas Website.

work by Zachary Betts (back) and Devra Freelander (floor)

Don't Miss Hillel O'Leary's Show at the Zoller Gallery!

Don't Miss Hillel O'Leary's Show at the Zoller Gallery!

Wurk's Member, Hillel O'Leary's show is up at the Zoller Gallery at the Penn State School of Visual Arts.  The show, titled NONAGON, is the 1st-Year Penn State School of Visual Arts MFA show.  His piece, entitled Tapestry, is a site-specific installation.  The piece, made of cast plaster embedded with canvas fiber & ink pigment speaks to memory embedded in landscape, after-image and connection.  The show opened on February 8th and will be up for two weeks.